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John Huston was born on August 5th 1905 in Missouri. John Huston was a man of many interests; made his mark on movie history as a writer and director, with many enduring screen classics and an almost equal number of flops to his credit.

Born into a family of actors; he performed on stage with his parents at the age of three. A sickly child, John Huston eventually achieved physical fitness and even took up boxing in his teens. Tiring of that, he flirted with an acting career and married his high-school sweetheart, only to abandon both for the promise of adventure in the Cavalry.

For some unknown reason at the beginning of his writing career John left the opportunities given to him by his father to run away to Europe; penniless, he wandered around London and Paris for months before returning to America, where he briefly edited a magazine and dabbled in acting once again.

At the time of his death John was handling preproduction chores and preparing the story for Mr. North (1988), which was ultimately directed by his son Danny. His role in the film was assumed by Robert Mitchum.

John Huston wrote an autobiography, "An Open Book," in 1980. John Huston is also the only person to direct both a parent and a child to Oscar-winning performances.

The Huston family is the only one in the Academy history with three generations of Oscar winners.


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