Jean Harlow

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Harlean Carpentier, who was later to become Jean Harlow, was born in Kansas City, Missouri on March 3rd 1911. Jean’s father was a very successful dentist. 1927, at the age of 16, Jean ran away from home and married a young business man named Charles McGrew who was 23. After they married they moved to California where Jean found work as an extra in the movies. During this time Jean found small parts in several movies.

Jean's big break came in 1930, when Howard Hughes was involved in a remake of his World War I epic, “Hells Angeles.” It was Jean that brought this movie to such success. In 1931, Jean's role in Platinum Blond cast her in the role as America's new sex symbol. 1932 saw Jean paired with Clark Gable for the filming of Red Dust.

In 1932 Hughes sold her to MGM, her "Red-Headed Woman" for them led the Hays Office to prohibit unpunished adultery, and she married Irving Thalberg's right hand man, Paul Bern. The marriage ended after a few weeks: just after his former common law wife met Harlow

In 1937, Jean was again teamed with Clark Gable for the production of Saratoga. Jean was hospitalized for uremic poisoning. On June 7th 1937, Jean died from the disease. She was only 26. Due to Jean Harlow’s death the film was a hit. Record numbers of fans poured into America's movie theater's to see the film.


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