Jean Arthur

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Jean Arthur was born Gladys Georgianna Greene on October 17 th 1900 in New York. As she grew up, she took to modelling, and also dabbled with some small roles in Broadway productions. This led her to the silver screen, and she enjoyed her first movie role in ‘Cameo Kirby’ and 1923 silent Western.

Not long after this, sound was introduced to movies, and this is where Jean excelled. Her role in the 1935 movie ‘The Whole Town’s Talking’ catapulted her to stardom. She spent the next decade or so starring in a variety of movies opposite big names such as Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper and Cary Grant.

Arthur’s movie accomplishments included films such as: ‘Mr Deeds goes to Town’. ‘Mr Smith goes to Washington’, ‘Only Angels have Wings’, and ‘The More the Merrier’ for which she received an Oscar nomination. It was said, despite her movie success, that Jean had camera fright, and she therefore decided to retire in 1944 upon expiry of her contract.

Even after retirement, Jean was persuaded to do two more films, which were: ‘A Foreign Affair’ and ‘Shane’. She also starred in ‘The Jean Arthur Show’, which was her own series during the 60s and 70s. She passed away on 19 th June 1991 in California.


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