Jack Carson

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Jack Carson was born John Elmer Carson on 27 th October 1910, in Canada. He began his movie career in 1937 – as an extra for the RKO studios. However, within a few years, he had become the loveable character that so many people grew to know and love in films such as ‘Strawberry Blonde’, ‘Make Your Own Bed’ and ‘The Dough Girls’.

In the 1940s Jack moved on to Warner Brothers, where he starred with big names such as James Cagney and Jayne Wyman. The 1940s also saw Jack become a popular radio comedian. The 1950s saw him move on to a variety of TV shows and performances, such as ‘The US Royal Showcase’ and ‘All Star Revue’. And then there was ‘The Jack Carson Show’ which also ran during the 1950s.

Jack went on to appear in smaller movie parts but in huge productions such as ‘A Star is Born’ and ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’. He passed away on 2 nd January 1963 in California from stomach cancer.


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