Ingrid Bergman

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Born in Stockholm on 29 th August 1915, Ingrid’s parents died when she was young, leaving her to live with an uncle. After leaving school she decided to enroll at the Swedish Royal Theater. She wasn’t keen on stage acting, and preferred the thought of movies. She’d had a chance to sample movie acting when she played the part of a girl in line in the Swedish film ‘Landskamp’ in 1932.

She got her chance to shine the movies with the 1935 movie ‘Munkbrogreven’. She also starred in the 1936 movie ‘Intermezzo’ where she was spotted by a Hollywood mogul and quickly signed to MGM. Bergman was soon starring in a string of successful movies, and was loved by Hollywood and the public.

Perhaps the movie for which she is best known was in 1942, alongside Humphrey Bogart in ‘Casablanca’. Ingrid continued to make huge movies and win awards. Her work included ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, ‘Gaslight’, ‘Spellbound’, and ‘The Bells of St Mary’s’.

In 1949 Ingrid left her doctor husband and their daughter, Pia, after falling in love with Italian movie director, Roberto Rossellini. She had two children with him, and continued to enjoy movie stardom in a string of Italian movies. She won an Emmy award for her role in the 1982 mini-series, ‘A Woman Called Golda’. However, shortly after making that series, she suffered complications after a breast cancer operation. Ingrid died in London in 1982 on the same date that she was born, 29 th August.


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