Henry Fonda

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Henry Fonda was born in Nebraska on 16 th May 1905. His interest in acting developed when he joined an amateur dramatics group. Fonda studied acting with the mother of Marlon Brando, Dorothy. He later moved on to acting on Broadway, where his career developed further and he enjoyed acting in productions such as ‘New Faces of America’.

In 1935 one of the Broadway productions he was in, ‘The Farmer Takes a Wife’ was made into a movie, and this catapulted Fonda into mainstream movies. It was around this time that he also married, and the Fondas had two children, Jane and Peter Fonda, themselves to become start in their own right.

A well respected actor, Henry Fonda starred in a wide selection of movies, such as ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, ‘The Young Mr Lincoln’, and ‘On Golden Pond’. A good friend of Jimmy Steward, Fonda earned the honor of being the oldest actor to win an Oscar for best actor at the age of 76.

This legend’s acting came to an end when he passed away on 12 th August 1982 from a heart attack in California. However, his legend lives on in the history books of Hollywood and through his children, Jane and Peter, and his granddaughter, Bridget.


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