Grace Kelly

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Grace Patricia Kelly was born in Philadelphia on November 12 th 1929. Born into a wealthy family, she developed an interest in acting from a very early age. However, it was after her graduation from high school in 1847 that she decided to head to New York to seek fame as an actress.

In New York, Kelly did some work as a model and also enjoyed some small parts on Broadway. This led her to move to California to seek work in the movies. She was successful, and got a small role in her first movie in 1951, ‘Fourteen Hours’. The 1950s saw her star in some popular movies such as ‘High Noon’ and ‘Mogambo’. She also went on to work with suspense master, Alfred Hitchcock, securing parts in the movies that really catapulted her to stardom, such as ‘Dial M for Murder’, ‘To Catch a Thief’ and ‘Rear Window’

Kelly’s final performance was in the 1956 musical ‘High Society’. Having married Prince Rainier of Monaco, she retired from acting to become a fulltime princess. She had three children and enjoyed a happy marriage. However, on September 14 th 1982, Kelly was killed in a road accident aged just 52.


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