Ginger Rogers

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Virginia Katherine McMath (a.k.a. Ginger Rogers) was born in Missouri, USA on 16 th July 1911. After her father found a job in Texas, the whole family moved there. However, after her parents separated, the young Ginger – or Virginia as she was still known at the time – moved with her mother to a hotel, seeing her father only very occasionally.

After her father died, when she was just eleven years old, Ginger and her mother moved to Kansas, where they lived with Ginger’s grandparents. Ginger’s mother began to apply for scriptwriting positions in New York and Hollywood, leaving Ginger with her grandparents. Ginger’s mother soon found success with her job, and she sent for Ginger. They moved back to Kansas, where Ginger attended school and developed her interest in performing.

After she left school, Ginger headed for Broadway where she honed her acting skills, finally venturing for movie auditions. And the rest is history. Her screen tests were successful, and Ginger was soon being cast for a variety of movies. From her first movie in 1929 ‘A Night in a Dormitory’ she went on to make some huge movies such as ‘Gold Diggers of 1933’, ‘Flying Down to Rio’, and a number of classic with screen-partner Fred Astaire.

In her later life, Ginger went back to Broadway and touring the United States. She also wrote a biography of her life.

She died of heart failure in California on 25 th April 1995.


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