George Stevens

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Born December 18 th 1904 into an acting family, George Stevens made an early debut to the world of acting, aged just five. His other interest – photography – led him to become an assistant cameraman at the age of seventeen. This led to a senior cameraman position, which is the role he took on at Hal Roach Studios for three years from 1927. His movie work entailed shooting some classic movies, including Laurel & Hardy hits.

Unfortunately, he lost his job at Hal Roach as the studio had to make cutbacks, and then went on to work at Universal and RKO, where he directed comedy shorts. In 1934 RKO allowed him to direct some lower budget feature films, and this eventually led to him being asked to direct ‘Alice Adams’ the 1935 movie with Katharine Hepburn. Katharine was unhappy about the choice of director – until the movie became a hit, at which point she demanded that Stevens direct her next project ‘Quality Street’.

Stevens then went on to direct a string of successful movies, which included: ‘Swing Time’, ‘Woman of the Year’, ‘Talk of the Town’, ‘Penny Serenade’, and ‘The More The Merrier’. In 1951 he directed the acclaimed movie ‘A Place in the Sun’ which saw him win an Oscar for his directing.

After this he moved on to even bigger projects, directing movies that included: ‘Shane’, ‘Giant’, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, and ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’. Having worked with a whole host of world-famous actors and actresses, and having directed a host of hit movies, Stevens passed away in 1975.


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