George Cukor

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George Cukor was born on July 7th 1899 in New York City. George first wanted to be a playwright, but he discovered he was better suited to stage-managing and directing. George started out with a successful directing career on the New York stages but by the 1920s he had moved to Hollywood. In 1930, he co-directed his first features: “ Grumpy” with Cyril Gardner.

George Cukor is best known for directing witty comedies, but he also made wonderful dramas and musicals. He adapted many of his films from theatrical productions. He made classics such as Camille, Holiday, The Philadelphia Story, Adam's Rib; A Star is Born, and My Fair Lady. George was known for many things, including his discovery of Katherine Hepburn of whom he made ten movies with. He worked so well with women that he became known as the “women’s director” George Cukor's 50-plus year directing career later expanded to include thrillers, screwball romantic comedies, and even musicals. George’s insight into both the male and female perspective shines through in his now classic films.

One of the things George was famous for was his parties he threw later in life for large groups of directors, many being attended by other directing legends such as Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Luis Bunuel, and George Stevens.

George was forced to lead a double life because of his homosexuality of which would have been totally unacceptable at the time.

George Cukor died of heart failure on January 23rd 1983 in California.


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