Gary Cooper

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Gary Cooper was born Frank James Cooper on 7 th May 1901 in Montana. He started his stage career whilst still at college, and it was not long before he was working with the big guys, such as United Artists and Paramount. He did not come from an artistic family; Gary’s interest in acting was a very independent one, and one that he pursued in order to find worldwide success.

Gary Cooper went on to become the highest earner in the US in 1939, making what was then (and still is, although not to the same extent) the huge sum of nearly half a million dollars in one year alone.

Cooper starred in movies such as ‘A Farewell to Arms’ in 1932, ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ in 1943, and ‘High Noon’ in 1952. Bearing in mind that this was a man that, as an adolescent was advised that he showed no promise by an acting school teacher, Cooper made an exceptional impact on he Western world within Hollywood. He died on 13 th May 1961 in California from lung cancer.


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