Errol Flynn

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Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania, Australia on 20 th June 1909. The son of a biologist, he was actually a troublesome child and was expelled from a number of schools in England, where the family had moved. He then went on to take on a number of jobs, including a job as a police constable.

Flynn developed an interest in acting after appearing in a production in 1933 ‘In the Wake of the Bounty’. It wasn’t long before Warner Brothers took a shine to him, and he jetted off to America to make his name – which he managed to do admirably. By 1935 he had been given the title role in ‘Captain Blood’. This catapulted him to stardom, and he was forever etched the eternal swashbuckler.

His private life, sadly, was still troubled and it seemed that, as in childhood, Flynn was still continually getting himself into trouble. He stood three rape trials, was continually drinking and fighting, and building a very undesirable reputation. And as all of this trouble took its toll on his looks and physique, his movie career began to rapidly slide.

Although his movie career seemed to be sliding, as Flynn grew older he began to get offers of work again, this time playing characters that were alarmingly like himself – ravaged by alcohol and wild living. These were the serious roles that Flynn had been craving for many years, but just as his career started to take off again he died from a heart attack on 14 th October 1959.


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