David Lean

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David Lean was born March 25 th 1908, and his strict religious background meant that movies were forbidden. This made it all the more bizarre that he decided upon movies as his lifetime career. He started out right at the bottom, as a tea boy. However, when sound was introduced to films, he took on a more involved role in editing, becoming one of the most trusted editors of the time.

Although Lean was offered several chances to direct some low budget movies, he declined. He did however take a role in directing the 1941 movie ‘Major Barbara’. After this he was asked by Noel Coward to help direct the 1943 movie ‘In Which We Serve’. This was the start of many successful movies for Lean.

Over the next couple of decades, Lean directed some masterpieces that are the classics of today. He directional wonders included: ‘Blithe Spirit’, ‘Brief Encounter’, ‘Great Expectations’, and ‘Oliver Twist’. After a string of successes, Lean moved into international movie directing, with hits such as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Doctor Zhivago’, and ‘A Passage to India’.

Lean was actually working on another movie ‘Nostramus’ when he passed away in 1991. However, he will always be remembered for the intimate and touching movies that he managed to turn into box office hits the world over.


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