Charles Boyer

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Charles Boyer was born on August 28 th 1897 in France. His interest in theatre was encourages by his mother, but Charles was quite a later starter in the world of performing arts. He first studied philosophy, but when a film crew came to town he quickly joined in – as an extra in a crowd scene.

This did serve to whet his appetite for more, and 1920 saw him secure the lead in a play because the director had been told he could learn the lines overnight and a replacement was needed for the original lead. This was the start of a great career. He went on to take further theatrical studies, and become a major star throughout Europe. Next came Hollywood, where he found success in silent movies through MGM.

With the introduction of sound, Boyer knew he would need to get his English up to scratch, which he did. He then enjoyed numerous roles in a range of today’s old classics, starring opposite big names such as Ingrid Bergman and Jane Fonda. His movies included ‘Conquest’ and ‘Gaslight’. Later movies included ‘Barefoot in the Park’, and “A Matter of Time”.

Boyer’s personal life was often clouded with darkness. His son committed suicide at the age of 21. His wife of forty-four years died from cancer in 1978. And Charles himself died after he took an overdose a couple of days after his wide died.


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