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Born Archibald Alexander Leach, Cary Grant was born on 18 th January 1904 in Bristol, England. Cary, or Archibald as he was then known, has a normal, English early childhood. But things changed at the age of nine. The young boy returned home from school to find that his mother had gone off to a beach resort and would not be returning – or so he was told. In actual fact, she had been sectioned to a mental institution, where she was to remain for years.

Cary left school at the age of fourteen, and joined a group of comedians by lying about his age. The Pender group of comedians toured England, and in 1920 Cary and seven of the other young comedians were sent to America to do their performance on Broadway. The show that they did, ‘Good Times’, was well received and the boys did over 450 runs. Grant became used to this vast new country during this time, and America became his new home.

When Grant left the Pender group, he took on a few small stage roles, and ended up at Paramount studios in 1931 to audition. It was around this time that he changed his name to Cary Grant. He secured a role in the 1932 movie ‘This is the Night’, after which he was snapped up by Mae West for the movies ‘I’m no Angel’ and ‘She Done Him Wrong’.

From then on, Grant’s movie career ran pretty smoothly, and he starred in acclaimed movies with stars such as Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart and Grace Kelly. He starred in a range of now classic movies including ‘His Girl Friday’, ‘The Philadelphia Story’, ‘Penny Serenade’ (for which is was an Academy Award nominee as Best Actor), and ‘None but the Lonely Heart’. Grant also starred in a number of movies for Alfred Hitchcock, which were: ‘Notorious’, ‘Suspicion’, ‘To Catch a Thief’, and ‘North By Northwest’.

Cary Grant was married a total of five times during his life in America, and he had one daughter, Jennifer, in 1966. The doting father, he decided to sacrifice his acting career to enjoy brining up his daughter. In the 1980s, Grant decided to tour America with his show ‘An Evening with Cary Grant’. It was during this tour, whilst in Iowa, that Cary Grant died from a stroke on November 29 th 1986.

h life, going from singing heartthrob to world-famous crooner. He passed away on May 14th 1998.


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