Tri Mode Cell Phones

Tri Mode Cell Phones Related Information:

Tri mode cell phones are one of the options you can have when you are purchasing a cell phone for your personal or business use. The term “tri mode” can mean several different things. It can mean that the phone has analog technology as well as two digital technologies – CDMA and TDMA. It can also mean that it supports two digital bands and an analog band. The most popular version used by international travellers and business people has GSM service. This means that in Europe and Asia it used the 900mhz band and in North America, it uses the 1200mhz band.

In order to make a good choice when you are shopping for tri mode cell phones, you need to have some information about what these modes are. All phones use analog mode, which covers a wider area and is widely used in North America, especially in the rural areas. Digital modes give you better connections and voice quality.

There are two standards of digital modes – TDMA and CDMA. TDMA is the oldest and is an acronym for Time Division Multiple Access. This is the one most uses in the US and Canada. CDMA refers to Code Division Multiple Access. To understand them better, consider the two types of video tapes you can have – Beta and VHS. Both of them do the same thing, but one is better than the other. In the case of cell phones, CDMA is better than TDMA. The newest mode for cell phones is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). It uses different bandwidths in different parts of the world.

If you want to use your cell phone to connect to the Internet while you are travelling, your best option is to use a tri mode cell phone. However, if you are in an area where only dual cell phones work, then this is the one you will have to use. The tri mode phone will give you the clearest connection, when you have a choice of which one to use.