Cingular Cell Phones

Cingular Cell Phones Related Information:

The prices of Cingular cell phones start at $29.99 and you donít have to sign up for a specific plan or a specific length of time. With the Go-Phone from Cingular, you pay as you go. The cheapest cell phone in this line is a refurbished Nokia 3120, but you can also have the Sony Ericsson T290a for $60 or the Motorola V173 for $80.

When you take advantage of this offer in Cingular cell phones, you can pay as you go or choose a plan. With the pay as you go feature, you purchase minutes in advance at low rates. This way you only pay for what you need to use. After each call, you get a message telling you how much time you have left so you can choose to add more minutes at any time. There are also plans you can choose from starting at $30 per month. Some of the plans give you unlimited calling on nights and weekends and as for your monthly allotment of minutes, what you donít use rolls over to the next month. You can also have a family plan among several phones where all the users share the minutes of the plan.

Cingular cell phones are the only ones in the world with iTunes. With this you also get a digital camera in the phone and if you donít want to hold it to your ear, there is a speakerphone feature for you to use. The battery for the cell phone will last for up to 9 hours.

Cingular cell phones have the largest digital voice and data network in the United States. Using the Allover Network, this means that you will get reception on your cell phone, just about anywhere. As with other cell phone carriers, there are exclusive online deals where you will save more money and get the best deal possible.