Cell Phone Plans

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Depending on how you intend to use your cell phone, there are many cell phone plans for you to choose from when you make your purchase. Each of the plans has a different price range, so you need to look carefully at how much you want to spend per month.

Most people who are not sure how often they will use the cell phone, start out with a prepaid cell phone plan. Under this plan, you decide how much money you want to pay in advance and then you use the cell phone as you need to. You can pay the money when you buy the phone and this entitles you to a predetermined number of tall minutes. When your money runs out so does your time and you have to purchase another card in order to be able to use your cell phone again. This is a great choice for those who only use the cell phone occasionally.

You can get a family plan, which includes two free cell phones. You have to share the monthly allotment of minutes among all the users for about $10 or $20 extra a month. Each of the cell phone companies has special names for this plan, For example, with Verizon it is called Family Share and with Cingular it is called Family Talk.

If you only talk to friends and family within a certain area, you can have a regional plan. The cost of this plan is about $50 a month, unless you go over the amount of minutes this fee covers. For calling all over the country, you can get a national plan with 1500 minutes per month for $40 a month and for an extra $10, you can add nights and weekends to the package.

With all cell phone plans, you have a certain amount of minutes that you use free for a certain amount of money. When you go over that time limit, then you have to pay for each call you make and the cost of cell phone calls is expensive. If someone calls you on your cell phone, depending on your plan you may or may not lose any of your time and you may have to pay for the call as well.