3G Cell Phones

3G Cell Phones Related Information:

The 3G cell phone is the first of its kind to be developed in China. The joint production base of the Chonging Institute of Posts and Telecommunications and the largest telecom supplier in China, Xinhua, is located in southwest China. Together, they planned to produce the 3G cell phone in 2004. This cell phone would a data system and frequency developed in China – the TD – SCDMA, which the developers hoped would compete with the frequencies used in Europe and North America.

In 2005, these 3G cell phones have just now appeared on the market and many customers are finding that they do not live up to the advertised promises of amazing features and rapid speed dials.

There are two main types of 3G cell phones – UMTS, which uses the existing GSM networks and CDMA2000, which brings 3G to the CDMA frequency. The speeds for both should be about the same as it is for DSL. This means you can use these cell phones for your Internet connections. You will need to have a 3G compatible phone to use one of the high speed networks.

If you use a laptop computer, you can certainly take advantage of this latest technology. This gives you on the go broadband without a Wi-Fi network. All you need to have is a PC card from your cell phone supplier. Right now, Verizon is the largest 3G cell phone carrier, but AT&T has also started to carry this service as well.

With a 3G cell phone, you will have speeds of 144Kbps to 2Mbps. You also have the added advantage of full motion video, streaming music, 3D games and faster web browsing ability. You also have the option of using PPT, which is like using a walkie-talkie and is not the same as placing a telephone call.