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Australia is a fabulous country, which enjoys a tremendous tourist trade and enables visitors to enjoy everything from fabulous climates and golden sunshine to incredible scenery and exciting attractions. Australia is a firm favorite for those looking for an exciting holiday destination, those looking for somewhere interesting to study, and even those looking to emigrate.

You will find a rich and varied history to explore in Australia. You will also find plenty of ways in which to explore this history, from the museums to the architecture and the environment. The vibrant and colorful culture is also evident when you visit this country, and you will enjoy a warm and hospitable welcome no matter which part of Australia you visit.

There is a lot to learn about this country, and most visitors are keen to find out more about its past as well as about the various regions and major cities in Australia. This site aims to provide information on various aspects of visiting and travelling to Australia. You can find articles such as:

History of Australia: This country enjoys a rich, long, and varied history, which most visitors are keen to learn about and delve into when visiting.

Overview of Australian Capital Territory: The Australian Capital Territory is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia with residence of Australia's capital city as implied by the name.

Overview of New South Wales: New South Wales is vast and varied, with alpine areas that blossom with sunny wildflowers and desolate outback extremes haunted by colonial architecture and aeon's-old aboriginal history.

Overview of Northern Territory: The Northern Territory is a federal territory of Australia. The Northern Territory residents are known simply as Territorians. It is a land of contrasts, rich with striking scenery from lush rainforest to avid red plains.

Overview of Queensland: Queensland is the second largest state by area and the third largest state by population. Queensland is also Australia's most decentralized state.

Overview of South Australia: South Australia is the southern central part of the country, along the Southern Ocean. South Australia is a land of generally low relief with the inland area largely covered by plains, sand and gibber deserts.

Overview of Tasmania: Tasmania, an Australian state, is tucked away at the far south of the country and across the waters of Bass Strait, rich with heritage and spectacular natural history.

Overview of Victoria: Victoria, Australia, is the second smallest state in the country. The capital of Victoria is Melbourne and has a very European style with trams, Victorian style buildings and outdoor cafes and pubs.

Overview of Western Australia: Western Australia takes up almost one-third of the whole area of Australia, but has less than one-twelfth of the population. This is because most of this state is desert – the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert, and about half of the Great Victoria Desert.

Major Australian Cities: In addition to the capital cities of each of the Australian states, there are also other major cities that you can enjoy and visit in this country.

Australian Attractions: You will find many attractions in beautiful Australia, from world famous landmarks and places to beautiful scenery and environment.

Food and Wine in Australia: The food and wine is one of the major attractions of Australia. The food served in all the restaurants ranges from International cuisine to the home cooking of the country.

Australian Nightlife: Australia has very busy nightlife attractions from casinos with the glitter of Las Vegas to barstools on the waterfront where you have a view of yachts and dancing waves.

Australian Arts and Culture: Australia's arts are as unique and diverse as the society and continent they come from. They reflect an ancient landscape that is home to the world’s oldest continuous cultural traditions and also to a rich mix of migrant cultures. Australia has a vibrant artistic and cultural scene and all forms of the performing arts, including music, theater and dance have strong followings.

Where to Stay in Australia: There are many places to stay in Australia ranging from glamorous hotels, wonderful resorts or Farm stays in the Outback. There are also bed and breakfasts, cottages, vacation apartments, resorts and youth hostels.

US Flights to Australia: Flying to Australia is a long arduous experience. The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney is a nonstop flight and typically takes around 14 to 15 hours. Besides the length of the flight, you will cross the International Date Line, which messes up your body clock.

Australian Travel Guide for the College Student: Study in Australia for a unique international education experience that you will never forget. Australia has become a major exporter of education at all levels. Many students come here to take advantage of the excellent trade and vocational colleges, also the academic qualification's gained through universities and post-graduate courses.

Australian Travel FAQ: A selection of commonly asked questions with regards to various aspects of traveling to and visiting Australia.