Astrology Related Information:

Youíve heard about it second hand. You know a little bit, but you havenít read up on your own yet. Youíve been wanting to read about it, but you just havenít found the time. Everyday, astrology helps people deal with the most important questions of their lives. On these pages, youíll find some basics that are an introduction for anyone whoís trying to get into astrology and find insight into themselves.

Do you know the importance of YOUR ZODIAC SIGN? If youíre thinking about astrology, itís a must! Your sign has various meanings for you in relation to the heavenly bodies. Read here to find out how you personally are distinguished from others based on the position of the universe on the day you were born.

Here are the BASICS OF ASTROLOGY, where you can get the grounding you need to advance into higher understandings of the universe and your inner being. Learn about the most fundamental aspects of astrology. Read here and get the facts you need!

In order to really get a grasp on your sign and the stars, youíll need to brush up on the HISTORY OF ASTROLOGY. Did you know that astrology dates back to Babylonian times? It was also adapted when it got to the Greeks! Learn here about the history of astrology so that you can understand the bigger picture.

Do you have unanswered questions about LOVE AND ROMANCE that just wonít go away? Donít worry- youíve come to the right place. Read here to find out about different ways that you can seek out love and romance in your life through astrology. You donít have to live an unhappy life.

Also important to astrology are BIRTH CHART SYMBOLS, which are important for you because they will tell you the position of the universe on the day that you were brought into the world. Read here to learn more about birth chart symbols, and how they can have a positive effect on your life.

Even though NUMEROLOGY is often seen on its own, with respect to astrology, itís a very important facet. Who came up with it? What are itsí main concepts? Here you will learn the answer to these and other questions.

Youíll want to go over this INTRODUCTION TO THE PLANETS, if youíre thinking about getting into astrology. What do each of the planets symbolize? What signs do they correspond to? Do you know which planet corresponds to your sign?

You probably tell people YOUR SUN SIGN all the time without knowing it. Learn here what youíre really telling them, and what this implies. You sun sign is one of the three most important signs you have.

Youíll also want to review YOUR MOON SIGN, so that you understand the importance of its relation to your sun sign and the ascendant. Astrology is not difficult when you take the time to inform yourself.

No matter who you are, you can learn about astrology and see that it can have a positive impact on your life and can show you the universe as youíve not yet seen it. The richness of astrologic practices and concepts continues today, as well as the resources that are spreading the word. Be sure to take advantage of both.