A Healthy Dog

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Our pets mean a great deal to most of us and as such are considered every bit as important as any other member of the family. We spend a fortune on food, toys and grooming products for them and we even take them on long, relaxing vacations with us. However, the one thing that many of us overlook – the most important thing of all – is to ensure that our pets’ health is fully protected in every way possible.

It’s all very well to spend money on toys, treats and gadgets for our pets, but a packet of good boy chocolate drops is going to nothing to assist if your dog has contracted a fatal disease due to lack of immunisation.

Another thing that we often – albeit guiltily – do is neglect our pets. Dogs need a lot of attention, and they love being around people and getting involved. But with today’s busy lifestyle it is too easy to simply leave him with some toys whilst we are at work, and then come home and veg out in front of the TV. It is important to spend time interacting with your dog and encouraging him to play and exercise. Without this, your dog could be at risk from many problems, from stress and depression to obesity and arthritis.

The guides on this site will help you learn more about protecting your dog and helping him to maintain a long, healthy and happy life.

The Importance of Pet Health Insurance explains more about the benefits of the various types of insurance cover available for pets. You will also learn why it is so useful to have a plan in place, and how you and your dog can benefit from this.

Keeping your Dog Active discusses the dangers of not interacting with your dog, and ho lack of exercise can have a really negative effect both psychologically and physiologically. You can read a little about the fin activities that can keep him happy and exercised, as well as what to look out for when exercising.

Prevention of Fleas and Ticks And Your Dog details the common problem of infestation by these parasites, and how important it is to use preventative medicine. You will realise how difficult it can be if treatment is delayed and how your whole family can suffer the consequences.

Heartworm Prevention explains a little about this condition, and how it could result in fatality. You will learn how heartworm can affect your dog, and how preventative medicine can minimise the risks to both your pet and other animals.

Common Ailments for Dogs lists a selection of common diseases and conditions, from fatal disease to infestations. You can also learn more about how to ensure that your dog is not at risk from these often deadly conditions.

When it’s Time to See the Vet explains the key periods at which your dog should be visiting the vet, and why it is so important to ensure that he is taken to the surgery at these times. You will also learn of other things to look out for which may warrant a visit to the veterinary surgery.

With the right guidance and assistance, you can help to make your dog’s life a healthy and happy one. You will be surprised at how simple it can be to save your dog from suffering pain and discomfort as well as saving yourself heartache and money.