Keeping Your Cat Active

Keeping Your Cat Active Related Information:

Cats are a strange breed, and although they are known to be quite lazy creatures at times, they are also naturally active when outdoors. These animals love nothing more than clambering up and down trees, scampering off and covering miles of ground, and spending time hunting and pouncing on anything from moths to rats. All of this takes up a lot of energy, and although you might assume that your cat is last as you see him stretched out in front of the fire, you probably don’t know half of what he’s been up to when he was outside.

If you do have a cat that tends not to go outdoors much and remains pretty inactive around the house as well, it is important to ensure that he gets some form of regular exercise. The one key difference between cats and dogs is that cats will not be told what to do, under any circumstances. Like obstinate teenagers, the more you try and get them to do something the harder they will dig in their heels – or claws in this case. However, cats are also unable to resist small, moving objects, and this is something that you can take advantage of to make them do what you want whilst all the time letting them think that they are doing what they want.

You will find a selection of excellent toys at the pet store, such as clear balls with moving objects inside, catnip toys, clockwork mice and a selection of other items. Cats go mad for these items, but you should always ensure that toys that can come apart or have small pieces that can be swallowed are only used under supervision.

It is becoming more and more common these days to keep cats indoors. The dangers of the road, not to mention the cruelty of those that will happily torture animals, has forced some cat owners to re-think letting their cats out alone, and instead they are kept indoors in the safety of their own homes. Pet retailers are also beginning to pick up on this trend, and as such you can now find a selection of cat leads. Strange as it may sound, some people will now take their cat for a walk in the same way that they take a dog for walks, although it is far harder to get a cat used to a lead – if he ever gets used to it at all.

Another idea to is to invest in a cat activity center, and there is a wide choice available these days. These centers come in a range of sizes, and will allow an indoor cat or an inactive cat to explore and climb from one level to another. You can encourage your car to use the center by placing treats in various places on the center so that he has to climb up to reach them.

Remember, your cat’s diet will also have a lot to do with his activity levels. He should be given a balanced diet of nutritious food, and do not be tempted to overfeed him. Cats can become obese quite quickly, which means that activity and energy levels will go through the floor. A good diet and constant access to fresh, clean water will do him the world of good.