Does Your Cat Need Medical Insurance?

Does Your Cat Need Medical Insurance? Related Information:

Most pet owners in the Unites States, Britain and many other countries treat their pets as one of the family. If the cat is ill, the whole family worries; if the cat goes missing, the whole family searches and poster go up in every shop window; and if the cat dies, the whole family grieves. So, the question you should ask yourself when deciding whether your cat needs medical insurance is this: is your cat a member of the family?

If you value the life and health of your cat, then, yes, your cat should have medical insurance. If you have taken out medical insurance for the rest of the family, and your cat is seen as a member of the family, then it is only right that your cat has the same benefits – the same right to health – as the other members. A good pet insurance policy will help to ensure that, whatever your financial situation, your cat can receive treatment when he is ill or injured.

You can get many types of pet insurance for your cat. Some policies will cover your for treatment only, others will cover your cat for treatment and medication, and others will also cover for consultations. However, on many policies there is an excess fee to pay whenever you claim on the policy, but even so it can still save you a fortune in the long run. A newer type of policy that is becoming more common is one supplied by various veterinary surgeries, where you pay a set amount for your pet insurance each month (a little higher than the amount paid on excess policies) and this then covers your cat for practically everything, from consultations and check-ups to vaccinations and hospital stays.

Cats – particularly outdoor cats – can get themselves into all sorts of scrapes, from fighting to road traffic injuries. Imagine how you would feel if your cat was injured and in need of medical attention, and you were down to your last couple of dollars and couldn’t afford the treatment. With a good cat insurance policy you can ensure that your cat gets the treatment he needs, no matter how financially embarrassed you are.

The fact is, taking on a cat should be akin to taking on a child – by accepting responsibility for the animal it is up to you to ensure that he is loved, fed, looked after and given access to medical treatment when required. Your cat cannot fend for himself in these situations just like a child cannot fend for himself, so you – as the owner – must take on the responsibility.

And, in the long run, cat insurance could save you a small fortune. Treatment and surgery doesn’t come cheap these days, and many people find themselves financially crippled after having to shell out on vet’s fees. Having a good policy in place will ensure that you only ever have to pay a fraction of the cost of treatment – if anything at all – so you can please your pocket as well as your pet.