Cat Neuter And Spay FAQ

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Will neutering or spaying change my cat’s personality and behavior?

Neutering and spaying will change your cat’s personality and behavior – for the better. Your cat will be more affectionate towards you and less aggressive towards other animals. Your ca will also be less likely to ‘mark’ his territory through urination after being fixed.

What are the main benefits of neutering and spaying?

There are many benefits of spaying and neutering. The most obvious is that there will be no unwanted pregnancy to worry about. However, this also means that there will be far fewer stray kittens on the streets. Cats can have litters several times a year, and with the best will in the world you can’t look after all of them. Trying to re-home them can be a feat, and unless you know the person taking them off your hands you never know where the kittens will end up. If you have a male cat, he may impregnate someone else’s cat or even a stray, which again can result in unwanted kittens on the streets.

Neutering and spying is also important for your cat’s health Female cats have far less chance of getting breast or ovarian cancer, or uttering cancer and infections after being fixed. Male cats will have less chance of getting testicular cancer or prostate cancer as he grows up.

Will my cat have to have an overnight stay after being neutered or spayed?

This operation is usually very quick, and most people drop their cat off in the morning and pick him up late afternoon, once the sedation has started to wear off.

How quickly will the stitches come out after the operation?

The stitches used these days will actually dissolve in time, and most take seven to ten days to disappear. If your cat manages to pull a stitch out, you should take him back to the vet straight away to have another stitch put in. However, you can also get collars to stop your cat from picking at the stitches, so this should alleviate the problem if stitches coming out any other way apart from naturally.

Is the operation dangerous?

This operation is the most common one for cats, and in the vast majority of cases the operation goes without a hitch. The vets have state of the art equipment to ensure that your pet is safe during and after surgery, and will also carry out all necessary checks to ensure that your pet is in good health prior to surgery. Compared to the risks associated with not having this operation, any risk associated with getting your cat fixed is minimal.

Should I get my indoor car neutered or spayed?

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it is best to get it neutered or spayed. You can never guarantee that your cat won’t escape one day, and this could result in a female returning with several buns in the oven or a male returning having impregnated one (or more!) of the local cats.