Cat Carriers For Travel And Fun

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Cat carriers are an essential item for all cat owners. These carriers are essential for transporting your pet to the vet for treatment, check-ups and vaccinations, as well as providing a safe means of transport when going away or moving home. But for many cats, the carrier also becomes their own space – some owners find that the cat prefers to spend more time in the open carrier than in a specially bought cat bed!

Since your cat may spend a fair amount of time in the carrier, it is important that you purchase one that is of adequate size and will provide the cat with a comfortable place to sit, sleep and even play. Some cats can be a little wary of carriers, particularly if they are only ever used to take them to the vet for what the cat sees as a nasty injection, horrible medication, or totally unnecessary poking and prodding.

There are some basic things to look out for when buying a carrier for your cat. Firstly, it should be sturdy and lightweight. Don’t go for the fully closed cardboard carriers, as this blocks the cats view and can result in fear and anxiety. Instead, go for the plastic ones, which are still very affordable, with a mesh-type front so that the cat can see what’s around him.

The carrier that you buy should be at least one and a half times the size of your cat, and if you have two cats that use the same carrier you should opt for one that will provide spacious quarters for both animals. Many pet owners now opt for a top-loading carrier, as these can prove far less hassle for a nervous cat that is reluctant to get into a front-loading carrier. One thing to bear in mind is that the cold plastic interior of the carrier may prove uncomfortable, particularly for a longer journey. You can combat this by putting a soft blanket, cushion or even an old jumper into the carrier.

Make the carrier as enjoyable as possible for your cat, as this will encourage him to get used to the carrier, which makes for far easier trips and traveling for you! You might want to put a few of your cat’s favorite soft toys in there, perhaps put a little catnip on the blanket or even add a few treats to make your cat connect the carrier with tasty goodies.

There is plenty of choice available these days, and you can get everything from a basic carrier for one to a deluxe carrier for two. It is essential that you ensure that your carrier shuts and locks properly before taking your cat out in it, and do not be tempted to open the carrier up until you are safely indoors. If the cat is still nervous of the carrier and you open it outside, he may jump out feeling disoriented and run into the road.