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Cats are beautiful, proud and sophisticated creatures, fiercely independent and sometimes even considered snobbish. But cats, although very strong-willed, are also very loving and can make fantastic companions that require minimal maintenance but can provide bags of love, affection and entertainment.

Most cat owners treat their cats as members of the family, and will do everything they can to ensure that their cats lead happy, healthy lives. The aim of this site is to help cat owners to work through a variety of cat-ownership issues and hopefully improve their understanding as well as their pets’ quality of life. You can find out more about:

Common Ailments for Cats: Although cats are generally very healthy creatures, there are certain ailments that can affect them. Come of these can be easily prevented through vaccination and medication, and other can be quickly treated upon onset.

Keeping Your Cat Active: Although many cats are more active than the owners will ever know, others can become lethargic. Also, an increasing number of people are keeping their cats indoors for safety. Here, you can find out about ways to ensure your cat gets regular exercise, even if he never goes out.

Prevention of Fleas and Ticks And Your Cat : These parasitic pests can be a real pain once they get there teeth into your cat, but you can find out more about preventing them and protecting your cat and your home.

Does your cat need medical insurance? This discusses the need for medical insurance for your cat, the benefits of cover and how it could help you and your cat in the long run.

Cat Carriers for Travel and Fun: You can find out more about what to look for in a carrier, and how to make the carrier more inviting to encourage your cat to get used to it.

Neuter and Spay FAQ: This is a selection of important questions and answers relating to the topic of having your cat neutered or spayed. You can find out about the benefits, the risks of not having your cat fixed, and whether there are nay dangers involved in the operation.

Cat Food and Nutrition: If you are worried about what to feed your cat, this article will help you learn about the different types of food items available, and which is best for your pet. You can also learn more about the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet.